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2023-2023 Employees of the Year

The five overall winners are
from left to right:

Chick-fil-A Teacher of the Year
Lindsey Howell

Sound Bank Principal of the Year
Jody McClenny

Tim Hudson Painting Classified Employee of the Year
Amanda Waltrip

Plain Jane's Cleaning Service Assistant Principal of the Year
Jay Westbrook

Kirkman and Whitford Law Firm Certified Employee of the Year
Sara Scholer


Kurtis Chevrolet gave the Teacher of the Year keys to a new car she can use free for one year.



Parent & Guardians...We need your input! Our teams are planning for the return to school. In order to take the next steps, we need to know some information from EVERY parent/guardian regarding their student's return to school.


If you have not already completed the survey, please contact your school's principal as soon as possible so they can adequately plan for your student and family needs.


Check the COVID / School Re-Entry Information link on the left of this page frequently for updates.



Carteret County Board of Education members voted to implement Plan B as presented with a review of additional square footage data of classrooms as soon as it is available.

Dr. Rob Jackson recommended on behalf of the school system administration and the re-entry committees that the Board of Education implement Plan B in which students alternate in-person days within each week of school. All students, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, will be assigned a cohort (A or B) which will attend school in-person two days each week and learn remotely three days each week, on an alternating basis.

Complete details of this plan will be finalized based on today’s action by the Board of Education. This will take place as quickly as possible and a Parent Guide will be available soon, along with a number of informational videos.

A 100% virtual option will also be available for any family that chooses it for their student.

Families with children in multiple schools will be on the same cohort. (ie. elementary student on cohort A, middle and/or high school student will also be on cohort A)

We will inspire, educate, and empower students for life through relationships, knowledge, and opportunity.


The Carteret County Public School System serves the students of Carteret County, a county located on the beautiful Crystal Coast of eastern North Carolina. From Cedar Point to Cedar Island there are 85 miles of beautiful coastal scenery, friendly towns, and 18 public schools that are committed to creating opportunities for all students to do their best and to succeed.

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you find it informative and useful. In Carteret County, quality makes the difference.


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Previously, Gov. Cooper requested that school systems plan for reopening under three scenarios. Gov. Cooper said Plan A is based on all students being present in school with social distancing precautions in place, Plan B is based on fifty percent or less of the student body present with social distancing precautions in place, and Plan C is based on all students participating in remote learning only.

In today’s briefing Gov. Cooper called for school systems in the state to put Plan B into place, allowing up to fifty percent of students to be physically present in school at any one time. There will be important required safety protocols in place to protect the safety and well-being of students and staff. When students are not attending schools for in-person instruction, they will participate remotely.

Gov. Cooper noted that with Plan B in place, parents and families could also opt to participate in remote learning full-time, if they feel that is best for their students. Gov. Cooper additionally noted that school systems could opt for Plan C. Gov. Cooper also said that if there is a spike in cases before the start of the school year the plan could change.

            Dr. Jackson acknowledged the difficult decisions the Governor and other state leaders are facing because of COVID-19, and said local education leaders are dedicated to overcoming the challenges presented by the current pandemic.

            Dr. Jackson said in Carteret County seven committees have been working to address the possible three plans the Governor put forth earlier and that work will continue.

            “Today’s announcement by the Governor will allow our planning teams to continue to focus on a thoughtful and thorough re-entry plan,” Dr. Jackson said. “This direction allows our teams to put the final details together to ensure our school buildings open and precautions are in place to protect the health and safety of our students and employees.”

            Dr. Jackson said the seven committees have developed plans for re-entry based on the state’s three scenarios. He noted the seven areas are Student/Staff Health and Well-Being; Instructional Delivery and Curriculum; Athletics and Extracurricular Activities; Transportation; Facility Maintenance; Child Nutrition; and Communication and Stakeholder Engagement. Each of the seven committees is chaired by principals with appropriate stakeholders such as teachers, assistant principals, custodians, cafeteria managers and others serving on the various committees.

            “We are planning daily and will continue to plan for a safe school year,” Dr. Jackson said. “I am very grateful for the time and effort that so many of our dedicated employees are putting into ensuring that every precaution will be taken to keep our students and our employees safe and healthy.”

            School system plans are being finalized and will be widely communicated as soon as possible. 



TOY car

Kurtis Chevrolet of Morehead City will once again provide the Carteret County Public School System’s Teacher of the Year with the use of a car for one year. This will be the third year this locally-owned car dealership has partnered with the Carteret County Public School System.

Chick-fil-A is the sponsor of the Teacher of the Year and provides the selected individual $500.

Kurtis Chevrolet will provide the selected teacher a Chevrolet Equinox Premier. The Chick-fil-A Teacher of the Year will be announced in mid-August, and Kurtis Chevrolet owner Dean Wagaman will hand the keys to the car to the award winner at that same time.

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For Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson, the support of Kurtis Chevrolet is another demonstration of the outstanding support the school system receives from the community and area businesses.

“The students and employees of our county’s public school system are very blessed to have the support of the community and local businesses,” Dr. Jackson said. “It is through their support, and the support of our county’s citizens, of the Board of Education, of the County Commissioners, and of businesses such as Kurtis Chevrolet that our school system ranks among the very highest in the state. It takes every employee of the school system to make it work, and we appreciate the work each and every employee does. In honoring the school system’s Teacher of the Year with the incredible opportunity to use this beautiful vehicle, Kurtis Chevrolet is honoring every teacher in our school system.”

Mr. Wagaman noted that having a high-performing school system was important to him for several reasons. “Kurtis Chevrolet has been a member of this community for nearly 39 years,” Mr. Wagaman said. “As a business owner, having a high performing school system is important for many reasons. Reason number one is for the children themselves. They deserve to have the best education available to them, and one that will prepare them for life. Another reason is to attract and retain quality employees for my business.”

“As I listen to my own children’s comments about their teachers, it is obvious the significant impact these educators have on the development of students,” Mr. Wagaman continued. “Kurtis Chevrolet wants to show its appreciation to these educators by partnering with the Carteret County Public School System and awarding the Teacher of the Year the free use of a Chevrolet Equinox LT for the one year.”

Carteret County Board of Education Chair John “Bubba” McLean expressed his excitement about the honors the Teacher of the Year will receive.

“This year the Teacher of the Year award is again sponsored by Chick-fil-A and we are so grateful for that support,” Mr. McLean said. “Kurtis Chevrolet has again joined in the recognition in a big way with this generous donation to the Teacher of the Year. Every year teachers from each of our public schools are nominated by their colleagues. Those nominees are then interviewed by a panel of community members and the overall Teacher of the Year is selected.”

shadowrocket美区idrom the left, Carteret County Public School System Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson, Kurtis Chevrolet Owner Dean Wagaman, General Manager Hillary Gutshall and

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Sophomores & Juniors Can Transfer to MaSTMaST Logo

Cooperative Innovative High School is a unique opportunity for students who are ready for the challenge of a non-traditional model in that they will need to learn time management, study skills, and independent learning at a faster rate than their peers at the traditional schools.  It's different from traditional high school.  Students must be able to follow rules as they have boundaries and expectations but this model allows for more freedom as we are on a college campus. Students are expected to participate in rigorous discussions (some adult topics at times), ask questions, use technology to the fullest, and challenge themselves academically at both the high school and college level. Again, students must have a good work ethic and support from home, no matter their academic level. Students are responsible for the shape and scope of their education, working with college advisors and the high school counselor.  Their schedules are very individualized and they may not be in classes with their peers. 



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Ever wonder what your child is doing in school?  How did he do on that test at school today?  Was she counted present today?

Well you can access this information and much more with the PowerSchool Mobile App.  You can signup for all of your children under one account.  You can also receive real-time push updates anytime a grade or attendance is updated.  Check out the shadowrocket安卓下载site for more information.  This is available for Apple and Android devices.

You can also access the same information through your computer, by accessing iTools苹果官网_iTools苹果助手_苹果助手下载_苹果手机助手:iTools是一款专业的设备管理助手。iTools苹果官网为苹果用户提供正版苹果手机助手下载。可使用iTools免费下载iPhone应用、iPhone游戏、壁纸、手机铃声。iTools苹果助手——iPhone用户的首选苹果助 …

If you have never setup a parent account, there are just a few security steps to verify parental status and get you access:

1.  Complete the Parental Request Form for Access and send in with your child or deliver to your school office. (One is needed for each child, if at different schools.) 

2.  Stop by the school and show your state-issued picture ID.  (You must be a parent or legal guardian to receive access.)

3.  Your school will issue you a sheet similar to the one linked HERE.

4.  Go to a computer with internet access and complete the Parent Portal Instructions.



Richard Paylor
Assistant Superintendent for Strategic Improvement

Blair Propst
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